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"International Yoga Day"

We all are very much familiar with the word " Yoga”. Nowadays this word has reached each and every house through media like newspapers, television, and virtual class. Yoga is an excellent gift presented to the world by ancient India. It is an ever-new science. Yoga is much more useful in the present times than it was in ancient times. It is not, yoga encourages only individual development. Hence due to its important universal acceptance, the United Nations Organizations (U.N.O) has declared the 21 of June as an " International Yoga Day".

Yoga is unfailing medicine for complete all-round development of all the aspects of human personality Application and practice of yoga classroom make any learners physically strong, mentally peaceful, intellectually brilliant heartily delighted and sincere and honest in his day-to-day life.

Yoga is a science of both body and mind. Hence, it has welcome and scientific acceptance all over the world. (WHO) has organization has emphasized yoga training as an important link of physical mental health. Intelligence is naturally developed through every practice of yoga. Physical cleanliness, health, and peace are natural by practicing yoga constantly with continuity along with education. Yoga is an international experiment.

Yoga without requiring to be paid pays you with sound health leading to great wealth!

So Yoga is such a joyful psycho-physical arrangement that gives our body sound health without any disease and strength as well as peace and calmness to mind and thereby prepares the individual for spiritual development.

At Gajera school we have frequently arranged Yoga shivers for the learners, educators, and our Nigerian parents to get knowledge and the importance of Yoga. They feel relax and glow during the shivers.

In present times manifestation has made physical comforts and conveniences available. Even then physical illness, mental stress, and strain have also increased due to hurrying and hastening after physical things without any understanding.

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