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International Yoga Day 2K21

“Yoga is Like Music. The Rhythm of the Body, The Melody of the Mind, and Harmony of the Soul Create the Symphony of Life.”

As we all know that on every 21st JUNE we celebrate International Yoga Day. In 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested the United Nations to celebrate International Yoga Day. The theme for the International Day of Yoga this year is 'Yoga for wellness', a motto aligned to the current pre-occupations.

Why yoga is necessary through day to day life? Man is a physical , mental and spiritual being. Yoga helps to promote a balanced development of all our body. Yoga exercises recharge the body with cosmic energy and facilitate the attainment of perfect equilibrium and harmony. It also promotes self-healing and it removes negative blocks from the minds and toxins from the body. It also enhances personal power and increases self-awareness.

Yoga is very important for our inner peace, physical mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful and it helps to manage stress and anxiety even keeps our body relaxed. Practicing yoga might seem like just stretching but it can do much more for our body from the way you feel, look and move. The asanas are poses mainly for health and strength. There are innumerable asanas.

Types of yoga:

• Ardha Chakrasana

• Tadasana

• Trikonasana

• Veerabhadrasana

• Parshwa konasana

• Bhujangaasana

• Ustrasana

• Padmanasa

• Shirsana

• Surya namaskar.

Now days school going students may have youth on their side, but that does not mean they are spared from the stresses and pressures of life. Keeping this in mind, our school had organized yoga session for all learners today on online platform. Our educators performed yoga along with which learners performed from home. It was a wholesome event.

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