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It's fable time....(welcome to my world of fantasies)

• Why Stories are Important ?

Stories are important for the development of a child's thinking. They show the general facts of the world about men and the world around them in a simple way. Myths and stories explain the meaning of a child's existence, show that it is intended to be man-made, teach good manners, and, moreover, acquaint children with values that are socially rewarded. Here at Gajera, we tell students stories from different genres including epics, fable, value-based, etc.

• What values does a child get by listening to stories?

Children listening to these stories try to combine the wonders of the story with reality this leads to the innovative thinking of the children. Inspirational stories give children the ability to present the effects of their creations by inventing new stories or by changing works that are already common. When children listen to the story with some characters this enhances the process of imagination in the young developing brain. In our school, we take this process a step further by telling stories with objects, puppets, and even with skits.

•Deviation from the real world

Often, children's knowledge of the truth is purposeful. However, because of the imagination, they are able to teach it and do it well, which means to understand it in your own way. When they listen to the Story, children are often deeply moved by their content and, at the same time, their thinking develops and takes on a whole new dimension. Thus, issues affect a child's emotional, physical, and mental development.

•Effects in curricular part

The shaping of creative processes inspired by the portraits of a man of adventures with the main story characters. Through listening, children change their understanding of the work of the textbooks they are learning and develop the ability to link different events. At the same time, they are developing their concentration skills and their attention span, which is crucial to further education and learning.

What do we conclude from this?

Thinking is the most important thing in the lives of all children as it allows them to cross the boundaries of the real world; therefore, to find yourself in a pleasant, thoughtful time, as a child’s favorite character. In addition, the stories teach a child the difference between right and wrong, true and false, and because of that, children want a moral code, that is, justice. Therefore, children's books are a feature that contains all sorts of childhood experiences and related emotions.

In our kindergarten campus, we have done stories like moral, funny, Jungle, fairy tales, and many more. The educators have played these stories by a puppet, live-action with narration, flash Cards, etc.

By such types of stories, learners become happy and they are also encouraged to create their own story. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder in the World. Storytelling is a unique way for learners to develop an understanding, respect, and appreciation for our culture.

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