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Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat

May 1st marks the foundation day for the state of Gujarat. It was on this day in 1960 that erstwhile state of Bombay was divided on linguistic basis and two states namely Gujarat and Maharashtra came into existence.

The Gujarat was known as Anant Pradesh (Land in west) during Mahabharat period. Later on it was known as Gujar Pradesh (Land of Gurjar).From the word 'Gujar Pradesh ', the Gujarat derived.

  • Gujarat famous for ?

Gujarat is famous for its traditional clothing, food, natural landscape. Asiatic lion ,Rann of Kutch ( White Desert), colourful handicrafts, festival and culture.

  • Facts about Gujarat

With its colourful festivals, rich heritage and scrumptious cuisine, Gujarat has become one of the most visited states of in India.

  • Gira Falls

The cool mist of the Gira Falls is sure to rejuvenate you. Once the breath - taking view gets your attention, chance are won't leave anytime soon.

  • Largest coastline

It may be hard to believe, but Gujarat has the largest coastline that runs for about 1215 kilometers. Now that is 1215 kilometers of beaches that will help you make the most of your holiday.

  • Amul

If you didn't know, Gujarat is home to one of the country's largest dairy producing brand.

  • Greenest city

It is believed that Gandhinagar, which is the situated 24 kilometers from Ahmedabad, is the greenest city in Asia .The city have close to 50% of its land covered in greenery.

  • Safest state

Gujarat is known as one of the safest state in the country. The climate rate in the state is the lowest as compared to any other state and this is definitely a good assurance for tourists.

  • Richest city

In Gujarat, Surat is considered to be the richest city in the country. According to a report, it has left cities like Chennai and Bangalore behind as it turns out that each household in Surat has an income of Rs.450,000 annually.

  • Diamond center

Surat takes another spot on the list for being a hub for diamond trade .The city refines close to 80% of diamonds from all across the world.

  • Highest sugar consumption

The state is known to consume the highest amount of sugar in the country.

  • Vegetarian Land

Gujarat is completely the land of Vegetarians. Most brands with outlets here have completely veg menus.

  • Famous in fabric

Gujarat is known for its thread work fabrics. Zari industry in Surat and kathi embroidery in Kutch are some good examples of thread work.

  • Traditional attire

Traditional Gujarati attire for women is sarees or chaniya choli and for men it is kediyu or kurta with Dhoti or chorno as bottom wear.

  • Food of Gujarat

Gujarati Thali the traditional Gujarati thali is one of the best ways to know the Gujarati cuisine.

  • Ajwain and Turmeric Milk

  • Masala puris served with curds and chunda

  • Rava Dhokla

  • Khaman Dhokla

  • Bajra methi khakhras

  • Whole wheat Methi khakhra

  • Masala khakhra

Grace of Gujarat on the occasion of Gujarat day. Salutations to Mother Gujarat on the occasion of Gujarat Day. Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat.

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