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The month of December brings a lot of warmth, hope and glad tidings. To spread the message of love and good cheer, the children of Prep Section presented a spectacular assembly on the occasion of the world’s most loved and celebrated festival.

Christmas and the auspicious occasion Tulsi Pujan Diwas is also celebrated on December 25th. It is a day, where the sacred Tulsi plant is planted and worshipped. It is believed that the Tulsi plant carries medicinal powers, and can bring health and prosperity, to those who use it. Through this celebration learners were informed to wake up in the morning, water the Tulsi plant at their home.

The school wore a festive look with bells, streamers and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The delightful celebration included children coming in red and white color party dress, bringing their favorite food in the lunch, dancing and sharing the merriment together.

The learners presented an impressive array of programs. Our KG angels danced to joyful tunes. They were told about the birth of Lord Jesus and the legend of Santa Claus. The spirit of giving and sharing was inculcated among the tiny tots. Educators also preformed the skit depicting that God has a power to change every situation and make humans happy.

There was also a surprise element and that was SANTA CLAUS. The entry of Santa Claus took everyone by surprise and was the highlight of the event. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was amply visible on the faces of the children especially when Santa moved around distributing CHOCOLATES to them.

All in all, it was a fascinating, incredible and awesome Christmas Celebration. Again in the end we prayed for the welfare of human-beings. We all enjoyed the day very much.

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