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Junior's Maker’s Day Competition -2021

“The ones who are Crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Maker’s Day is held every year to honour creativity, sensitivity, innovation and collaboration under the guidance of Sunita’s Makerspace.This year, the theam of the event was ‘Mother Nature’, because we believe that sensitivity to nature is one of the symbols of a responsible person.

A pride of every Gajerian is to shine them self, rise them self beyond their position. Sunita’s MAKER SPACE is a token of love where learners can design, experiment, explore and create. Here once grow its own capabilities with the fellow makers and take a hip of knowledge. Where knowledge leads to innovation, where mind leads to creation. It is a well-equipped place where an individual can acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in arts, craft and culture activities.

Sunita’s Makerspace is a huge platform where an individual can explore their self. The importance of discovering the talent each learner has ways to nurture the talents. Talent is something that one is born with, it is your natural ability to do something without really thinking about it. It is said that talent is invisible. We cannot see to explore such a great talent our Sunita’s makerspace gave the learners a great opportunity.

To find out the talent and interest of a child our trust has organize a competition on Sunita’s makerspace level in which the different competition was held for the pre-primary learners. Different categories like ‘Nature Melody’, Art of Fashion, Clay Modeling for Nursery and learners and Trash to Treasure, Green Art and Junior Eco Start Up for learners where the learners can show their talent and explore their though. All the learners participating with their energetic. Through this platform they can get an opportunity to flourish them self and develop their mind.

Here a makers grow from a grassroots level to professional level with the guidance, encouragement and support of a trust. Sunita’s makerspace provides learners with the platform for ideas, innovation plans, concepts, solutions along with peer-to-peer learning. It also heartens today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Thisyear’s highlight is the Gyanam competition which was held for educators. Educators from all the schools managed by the Gajera Trust participated in the competition. The winners of Gyanam were honoured at the Sanjeev Kumar

Auditorium on 10 October, Sunday.

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