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Keep Smiling – World Laughter Day

‘A Good laugh Is Sunshine’

World Laughter Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of May to raise awareness about laughter and its many healing benefits. It was planted in order to promote world peace and stability with the help of laughter. On this day, the positive feeling of joy and happiness is promoted. The importance of laughter is also for our body's wellness as well.

A smile can reduce a lot of stress that goes on in our minds. Laughter is timeless and when it comes from the most innocent of souls it turns into that purity of timelessness that innocence brings to us.

Keeping all this in mind and to instill a habit of laughing amongst our tiny tots we celebrated this day with a lot of zeal by cracking jokes and spreading joy. The theme of the assembly was how one should never stop having fun even while growing up. Educators also delineated the health benefits associated with laughter.

Educators practiced the laughter therapy with the children. World famous Cartoon Character Charlie Chaplin’s mimicry brought liveliness to the campus. Other funny characters too spread vibes of overloaded

laughter. This was followed by a small humorous skit enactment by the educators filling the young kids’ hearts with loads of joy and laughter. The day was a joyous experience for the children as well as the educators.

The assembly ended with a message that laughter is also a social mechanism by which we make friends and connect with others.

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