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Keeping the doors of Learning Open...

"Learning must travel the distance from Head to Heart."

When classrooms went online due to COVID-19, this marked not only a major transformation in kindergarten to Grade 12 education, but a shift in parents’ involvement in their children’s education. Schools communicated primarily online via email and social media (or sometimes the phone) to keep in touch with parents, and every family had to determine to what extent supporting remote learning was possible.

This shift built upon changing patterns which emerged years ago, as parental “involvement” is now in many schools today. Now, there is greater reliance on technology not only for teacher-parent communication, but technology has also become embedded within projects and homework.

With online learning programs, parents can teach their kid anytime, anywhere. These technology driven programs not only offer the same benefits as the traditional in-person teaching but also gives parents and kids unlimited access to top-notch curriculum. Unlike the conventional mode of study, kids do not have to wait for their teachers to begin the class. Parents too, on the other hand, do not need to wait to see their child’s progress.

Online learning programs help kids’ get access to some of the best teachers in the business. From English to Chemistry and from Mathematics to Computers, kids get an opportunity to be tutored by some cream-of-the crop teachers without even going to a premier school or shelling huge amount of money, unlike the traditional mode of teaching.

"The goal of online education is the advancement of KNOWLEDGE and the dissemination of TRUTH"

  Learning is pretty cost-effective when compared to the traditional way of learning. A reduced training time (with respect to travel, learning material, trainer as well as accommodation) is one of the reasons why e-learning programs are economical.

Moreover, when kids’ study at the comfort of their homes, parents are relieved from the burden of paying for travel expenses.

One of the biggest benefits of online learning programs is that kids’ get their hands on updated course content and curriculum. These programs ensure sure that parents and well as the kid are in synchronization with modern learners. Besides the content on e-learning platforms being updated every frequently, it also is available easily.

"Sometimes you win sometimes you Learn."
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