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Kitchen Gardening / Terrace Gardening

We all talk about Global Warming whenever there is a rise in temperature particularly during summer and just before that and the most common reason we give behind the rise of global warming is deforestation and the most common argument to this is lack of space available for planting trees. During summer we also eat fruits to stay hydrated but deep down we all are afraid about the fruits ripen using Carbon and Carbide products. So, we tried to find out an uncommon solution of both these issues, over our common arguments.

We, at Shree H.J. Gajera English Medium school, organized a seminar for the mothers of our learners. The seminar was delivered by our guest Mr. Ankurbhai, Mr. Jayeshbhai, Ms. Anupamaben and Ms. Sonalben, who are associated with the local corporation body responsible for developing and maintaining the gardens of the city. Focusing on our culture, the seminar begun with lamp lightening ceremony which was done by our esteemed

Principals of different sections Mr. Asish Debnath, Ms. Bhavisha Solanki, Mr. Bhavesh Solanki, Ms. Sonia Budhiraja and Mr. Rajan Gautam. The students sang a small prayer which was followed by the discussion on Kitchen gardening or terrace gardening. The team of the local body explained that every Indian needs 175grams of fruits and 300 grams of veggies per day but an average Indian consumes only 80 grams of fruit and 170 grams of

vegetable a day. This is the prime reason behind our unhealthy life. But the reason behind this reason is inflation. So, the solution to this is kitchen or terrace gardening because it allows us to grow different fruits and vegetables. So, we can get fresh fruits and vegetables daily that also without use of chemicals and at an affordable price. The team also told us about the necessary conditions for kitchen gardening. This concept might seem new to us but in many countries people do farming on tall buildings and plant small herbs or shrubs on the top of their houses and or offices because we cannot increase our land space for creating forests but all we can do is better utilization of our existing space to minimize the effect of global warming. This is a solution to the issue of global warming. And this is the basic meaning of sustainable development, environmental sustainability with human and technological development.

After the seminar, the mothers were given, small plants and refreshments and we all agreed to have a kitchen or terrace garden at our homes and help India to become a greener nation.

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