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Krishna Janmashtami Celebration-2022

As we all know the festival Krishna Janmashtami is right around the corner to celebrate. This is a festival which is an iconic example of human’s life in form of God. Anyone can take lesson from Lord Krishna’s life especially for the question How to live life for any special purpose?. He sat many benchmarks for entire human society about the questions of Why, What, When, How of life. As per the Hindu calendar, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna and is observed on Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapad.

Lord Krishna played many pranks during his childhood even he had enlightened many human soul by his mesmerizing art and dance. Moreover, people have a special way of celebrating the festival. Since Sri Krishna was fond of eating Makhan people play this sport as “Dahi Handi” on this day at their societies and at various popular places through the country. Lord Krishna has many names and many characters he had played during his life on earth. To finish evil from the earth, he fought mad killed many demons and sat many examples for the society.

So, to celebrate and accelerate happiness and freshness in life, we here at Shree H.J. Gajera English Medium School, katragam branch celebrated Krishna Janmashtami on 17th and 18th August in two parts where, on 17th. August, 22, we have organized “Solo Dance” competition on “Krishna’s life for class 1 to 4. In that competition, all the participants learners of class 1 to 4 dance gracefully and Judges gave rank 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to the based on their performance While on 18th August, 22, we have organized “Matki Decoration Competition for class 5 to 7, where participated learners energetically apply their creative ideas to decorate Matki by using various decorative materials and colors. In this competition, all the participants’ learners of class 5 to 7 performed Best Matki Decoration along with Aarti and Dhun of Shree Krishna. Judges have tough time to give judgment. Our respected Guest Mrs. Gulab Vasani ma’am felt happy to see the creativity of the learners in decorating Matki.

At Last, our Principal sir congratulate all the participants, judges and in charge educators for their hard work and dedication to make this celebration & competition successful. Last but not the least, the learners of class 1st & 2nd who came in dress of Kana, Radha & Gopi play Garba with full of happiness.

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