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There is nothing higher than the Truth

Value-based education is important for nurturing citizens of tomorrow, who would make a difference to the planet. To commemorate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, we at Gajera conducted a Special Assembly on Gandhi Jayanti that was aimed towards creating awareness and inculcating Gandhian values of humanity, brotherhood and secularism. The auspicious day started by paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi.

The tiny tots delivered short speeches highlighting the quotes of Mahatma Gandhi and conveyed his noble messages in the most effective and influential manner. The students made slogans on universal values of kindness, brotherhood and caring for the society and shared valuable information on the life of the Bapu.

The educators in their speech enlightened the little ones with the relevance of Gandhian principles in modern times and also motivated the them to learn more about Gandhiji and inculcate his values in day to day life..

Through the presentation Three Famous Monkeys of Gandhiji the educators stressed on the value of Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil And See No Evil.

The boards were decorated with thought provoking quotes by Gandhiji.

The programme concluded with the positive note to be a better citizen of India by learning great lessons from the great people.

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