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#Legacy of winning

In life, since our childhood, our parents and teachers have worked hard to make us learn to face all worldly struggles. They have tried to give us the determination and power to succeed. We were never taught to quit. A big contribution to this is also made by school educators and principals. Children become successful in life only if they are taught at school to overcome difficulties and solve those difficulties in a positive & creative manner. We, at Gajera School, have a legacy of producing successful leaders, entrepreneurs, creative artists, and sports achievers. We enable our students to excel in their creative mindset and create wonders. Let me quote this with a recent example …

In my experience (having taught almost two decades), I have found one of the most important contributing factors to enhance my students' success rate is motivating them to want to do well and believe they can do well. For most students to achieve great success in school, those students must be motivated to do well and to believe in themselves. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai has come up with a business plan competition under the title Eureka-2020 for school students studying across India between standard 6 to standard 12. Among thousands of participants from different states of India who started with the event, only 100 students were left for the semi-finals. Two innovative learners of our school Manas Pradhan and Mangukiya Kevin made it to the semi-finals and are currently in Phase-5 getting advanced training and preparing for the finals.

Manas is working on a very creative and applicative idea, with his slogan “You are not only burning your calories but also cooling our earth”, he is designing a wonderful bicycle sharing system. He realized that more than 60% of our population does not have two-wheel vehicles and the rest of those who are having are causing a lot of pollution. The government is already providing bicycle sharing for use of the common public, he identified the problem that these bicycles provided by the government are battery operated which discharges charges fast and consumes a lot of energy for recharging. Considering this problem he made some modifications in the design of the cycle making it capable

of self-charging in a short time when someone is driving it. This would provide a very self-sustaining system in the bicycle sharing concept and would work very effectively, cheap, and environmentally friendly.

Kevin with his slogan“The split to bag splits the burling throughout the journey” discovered a problem with carrying luggage while we on a tour. Considering the tendency of our Indian people about overfilling the bags, which makes them very heavy to carry. He designed a new concept called the “Splito Bag”. He designed a single bag in such a way that it co

uld be separated into two bags, making it very easy to carry even if overloaded. The single bag could be split into a shoulder bag and a handbag, this would share the load and make it easy to carry.

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