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Let It Snow! – Winter Day Celebration

When it is 19 degrees outside, we all tend to get a little stir crazy. It can be so hard to keep our little people entertained when they can’t just go outside and play. To add sparkles and vibes of cold to a kid’s childhood winter celebration was done in our school with beautiful display. Different Stalls depicting Winter Season Like Winter Crops, Winter Food, Winter Veggies, Candy Land and the Mini world of Kashmir were the attraction of this event. Students wore jackets, hats, scarves, gloves and joined the celebration.

On this day learners were brought outside the class to experience the smells, sounds and tastes of the chill. They brought Winter Food in the lunch box which was relished by them along with their friends. Learners had great outdoor Experience by enjoying recess outside in winter.

Below given are the concepts kids can learn about during a winter theme:

1. Signs of winter outdoors.

2. Changes in temperature.

3. Comparing hot and cold.

4. Investigating what will freeze and what will melt.

5. Appropriate clothing and gear for winter.

6. Hobbies and activities that is popular in winter.

Our Winter Carnival was a fun-filled day. The educators and learners actively participate to make it a perfect way of celebrating this season.

It helps the kids better understand the concept of different season.

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