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Life Over Picnics

"Lush green gardens,
Happy sunshine,
Good music
Great company define a perfect Picnic"

A school picnic is an event where learners go outside with educators and enjoy the day together. It is a fun and relaxing way to build memories and enjoy the presence of others. It helps us divert from daily life and adds a touch of variety to our lives. Moreover, a picnic can take us to another world that is different from the one we live in daily. It adds charm to our life and is nice refreshment in our life. It gives us a chance to speak out our minds and relax.

Picnic brings out our inner child and allows us to have a relaxing time with nature.

There are more benefits are breathe in fresh air, bond with friends, sharing with others, enjoy a healthy mood boost as well as food.

Gajera Farm School Pre - Primary Section (G.S.E.B) organized a picnic which has been one of the most memorable day in learners' lives. Our school took them to “DAJI NI WADI". Learners went there by bus with all their friends and educators. As soon as they reached the team organizer welcome the little kiddos. They provided breakfast, delicious meal and evening snacks which was very nutritious. Everyone loved the meal and finished it happily. Further, they also got a chance to enjoy physical activities during picnic. Like jumping, ring game, balloons🎈🎈 shooting, marigoround, ⛵ boat swing, adventure park, 🎩🧙♀️magic show🥳, rain dance 🌧️ etc...such activities help learners stay active and energetic.

Finally, the picnic ended with a group photo together with friends and educators. On our way back to school learners sang so many songs together and enjoyed it greatly with educators.

Picnics are great for sharing problems/issues the children may be facing at school or in life, forming bonds with one another and enhance your mental and physical health. It's a great extent, give us a chance to enjoy these activities and as a result, help us release some stress. They work to boost our mood.

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