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National Science Day Celebration 2K'23

On the Birth Anniversary of renowned Scientist of our country Dr. C.V.RAMAN Our School, on 28th February, 2023 we at Shree H.J. Gajera English Medium School, Primary Section, Katargam, organized an exciting Science Exhibition that brought together students from grades 1 to 7 to demonstrate their knowledge, talents and creativity in the field of science. The students demonstrated their efforts and learning through Experiments, Projects, Working Models, Various Wonders of science-as well as science related games such as a Drip Irrigation System, Steps to conserve forested areas, Smart Blind Stick, Smart and Clean City Projects through Solar Energy, Statue of Unity, Prakour games respiratory system, a hydraulic machine, windmill and many more. The students also presented some concrete ideas to less the effects of Global Warming.

The event was graced by Jayesh sir along with all the principals of Gajera Vidhyabhavan, Katargam as the Chief Guest for the Science Exhibition. All the Guests enthusiastically visited all the branches of project’s demonstrations. The Guests felt very energetic to see the Skills and creativity of the Students of classes 1st to 7th. They motivated and guided the students to keep on learning and go deep in the interested area of research and projection in science.

Our Principal, Vice-Principal and all the educators of Science and Maths Subjects also played a vital role in supporting and encouraging the students. They recognized the hard work and dedication of the students and praised them for their impressive projects and presentations. Overall, the Science Exhibition proved to be a valuable platform for the junior students to perform their learning of science in a demonstrative way. The exhibition filled plenty of new ideas and information to other non-participated students of various classes.

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