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Live Green, Save Green...

The words nature are natural are used for all the things that are normally not made by humans things. like weather, organism landform, celestial bodies and much more are part of nature.

Children are innate scientist and love to experience the sight, sand ,sound ,and textures of the outdoors. nature provides countless opportunity for discovery, creativity ,problem solving, and stem education. Interacting with natural environments allows children to learn by doing different things.

Spending time in nature is essential for cognitive development. nature place stimulate creativity and problem solving skills. children who play and spend time in nature help increase concentration and cognitive skills including mitigation.

​ Nature plays an important role in kids daily life. Outdoor play has clear physical benefits for developing children including helping children's to acquire gross motor skills, eye hand coordination, and mainly helping them to prevent obesity.

There are many scientific studies that underscore the benefit of nature, including stress relief, improve short term memory, increase mental energy, less inflammation, better vision, improve concentration, creativity and improve mental health. For kids the great outdoors is a natural program that contributes the child's positive development

The benefits of nature play for children

  • ​Get them to help with outer coerce like breathing sweeping and water in the garden.

  • Organize play dates at a local park instead of in your home and let them run wild.

  • ​Take old kitchen pots and told to the bank to make mud pies or even in your own garden if you have one.

  • ​Play hide and seek at the park this will not only get them outdoors but will increase their confidence in exploring the new environment beat a little independence.

  • ​Show them how to climb a tree on balance on a fallen tree log.

  • ​Dust of the camping gear and go camping.

  • ​After its rain get the gumboots out and go muddy puddle jumping.

  • ​Get morning tea or launch outside are either in your garden or at the local park and have a picnic.

At Gajra Vidyabhavan, Katargam (Pre-Primary Section) our little kids also doing activities related to nature like kids saw fenugreek seeds after we take students on couples of day for watering, after fortnight we asked the students to cut it and then wash the leaves of fenugreek and after from those fenugreek leaves we make up pakoras and student enjoy it with their peers. Thus the children learn with fun relishing the sweet delicacies of their childhood.

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit."
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