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Maker's Day 2021 Prize Giving Ceremony

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

At Gajera Vidyabhavan, Katargam prize distribution ceremony of Makers-Day 2021 was held on 12th October, 2021. Every year 12th October is celebrated as Makers-Day. As part of the celebration, different competitions were organized for the students of the school based on four different zones of Innovation, Creativity, Social and Synergy.

A large number of students from pre-primary to grade 12 participated. These students were given first, second and third number based on their performance and the prize distribution program where PI Shri BD Gohil Sarna of Katargam Police Station was present as guest. Also, other guests namely Dr. Chandresh Panelia, Dr. Tejal Panelia, Dr. Niti Barodia, Dr. Jigisha Shah etc. were present to distribute prizes to the students and encourage them. Trustees of our school Mr. Chunibhai Gajera and Kinjal C. Gajera was also present to grace the occasion.

The children who were to receive the prizes were present along with their parents in large numbers. The teachers were honored by giving prizes under the Gyanam program. The program was conducted by the students and for the students.

This year, the Makers 'Day was celebrated on the theme "Mother Nature" with the aim of strengthening the students' attitude towards preservation and protection of the environment and enabling children to contribute to the development of the country and bring out the skills in them. The aim of our school is to provide a platform where a child can showcase their skills not only as students but also as makers. In which the children proved to be truly sincere.

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