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Today, an Inter School competition was organized at Gajera Vidyabhavan. Every year October 12th is celebrated as Maker’s Day at Gajera group of schools. SM Day event is the spotlight of every year for the Gajerians. This day provides an opportunity to the students to exhibit their skills and talents in aspects such as Creativity, Innovation, Synergy and Social.

The key objectives of these competitions were to create a pool of socially impactful innovative ideas that could develop, imbibe and awaken culturally the young minds, to showcase their multi-dimensional talents. The event had a slew of competitive events and different activities with an aim to give our students an exposure of the competitive world and thereby gain confidence through participation and achievements.

Students from Grades VIII to XII participated in various events like, dance, debate, power point presentation, live painting, making working models of science projects and mobile application.

The participants expressed themselves, their youthful creativity and unbridled imagination, and it brought alive their emotions and created a palette of colours. Their vivacity and brilliance was displayed fully in their performances.

Our respected Trustee Shree Chunibhai Gajera Sir appreciated the work of all the participants. It was a profound moment for the school management to host these events in a very systematic way and it was an exuberant experience for the schools that bagged prizes in various events.

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