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"Matru Pitru Vandana"

मां धरती पिता आकाश, मा संगीत पिता है सा़ज.

जीवन मेरा नृत्य बना, इन दोनों का सुरमय साथ.

माता पिता दिवस की शुभकामनाएं

Gajera Vidyabhavan organized 'Matru-Pitru Pujan Diwas' (Mother-Father Worship Day) on February 14, coinciding with Valentine's Day, to "cultivate Indian cultural values among school children".

Celebrate the pure selfless bond between children and parents on a global-level with the objective of creating a strong character and spirit of serving parents, Matru Pitru Worship Day Was celebrated in our school to show respect to our parents. Learners from all religions worship their parents and seek their blessings by offering them tilak, garland. It is seen by many as a method to cement the bond between family members and to imbibe good values like respect, obedience and humility in children.

Learners performed poojas of their parents and bent down to touch their feet. Parents blessed their children from the bottom of their hearts. Their combined happiness announces the success of this programmed.

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