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"Month of Oct & Nov appraisal"

" The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one"

The holistic development of learners requires a combination of knowledge, skills and temperament. Evaluation is of utmost importance in the academic life of the learner. Evaluation is the only way to see how much progress is made in the learner's progress.

In the Pre-Primary section, we follow the educational tool to evaluate the learner's education. The educator teaches the learner, imparts life-oriented education and practical knowledge which is the main objective of kindergarten education. Evaluation is of utmost importance in a learner's educational life. Evaluation alone shows how much progress is made in a learner's progress.

The educators facilitated the assessment by evaluating through various activities. The assessment was done in various ways such as oral, written, children's videos. Through the assessment process, learners can improve their cognitive skills. These skills will enhance their ability to learn, adapt and grow in the future as well as in many walks of career and life.

As students evaluate their work, when they recognize their strengths and weaknesses, they are more likely to do better next time.

This is true, of course, for everyone, not just learners. When our goals come from within rather than imposed from an external source, we own them and work harder to achieve them.

"When a learner learns something beyond the subject matter, they learn to apply what they are doing to their experiences or the knowledge gained in other classes.

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