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"Monthly P.E.M & Workshop"

During the August month Gajera vidyabhavan invite to Parents for the P.E.M.

This meeting was very import ants for not only learners but also Parents.

This meeting was build a strong relationship between parents and educators.

During this time learners are not attending offline class but they are build a strong relationship with educators and they create feeling of school image at their home.

During this meeting educators discussed point with parents such as.

Educators discussed with Parents How is going education of your children.?

Educators were gave. Answer of questions which asked by parents.

Parents gave confirmation of Parents I card slip.

Educators also discussed with parents pre monthly planning.

The main motto of this meeting was how to use teaching aids for the education?

So Educators also solved this problem of parents.

And gave to them live demo presentation in this meeting.

All Parents got good knowledge of teaching aids and they all happy

and gave them positive feedback to Educators.

In this meeting Displayed set up of Janmashtami parents also observed the set up and got blessings from the little Krishna.

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