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Moot Court Session was organized for learners of Std 5 to 7 in our school. Mooting is basically a noble endeavor to create, testify and participate in court proceedings and is an opportunity to learn court craft. In Moot Court, a proper view based on real courtroom is created for the learners to experience real life court sessions. It represents court proceedings which includes a written submission in the form of a complaint and a written statement and also oral proceedings. Participating teams are assigned a side that they must defend. It is considered a co-curricular activity in many law colleges where participants participate in simulated court or arbitration proceedings, usually drafting a memorandum and participating in oral argument. In a moot court competition, one has to be a good speaker.

The learners of our school were given topics on which they prepared very well and then a court session was held. The setup was like the Supreme Court and the whole program went in stages. Mr. Yogesh Prajapati and Mrs. Kajal Singala, the two teachers who trained these students and made this session a success. Among the guests were Mr. Jayesh Patel and the Principals Mrs. Sonia Budhiraja, Mrs. Bhavisha Solanki and our school Principal Mr. Ashish Debnath.

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