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Movement is the song of the body...

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!"

Motor skills is the ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands, wrists and legs. A motor skill is a function which involves the process movement of muscles with intent to perform a specific act. Most purposeful movement requires the ability to “feel” or sense what once muscles are doing as they perform the act.

Gross motor skills is involved in movement and coordination of the arms, legs and other large body parts. They involve actions such as running, crawling and swimming. Fine motor skills are involved in smaller moment that occurs in the wrist, hands, fingers, feet and toes.

How does motor skill help a child in their growing years?

  • Motor skill is important for development.

  • Motor skill is used by everybody throughout our lives.

  • Motor skill is motor control begin developing after birth and will progress as children grown.

  • Motor skills are those that involve a defined use of the small muscles which control the hand, finger and thumb.

  • It helps children to gain strength and confidence in their body.

  • It also they get exercise and physical activity which is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Our school Gajera Vidyabhavan, Katargam (Pre-Primary) imparts different motor skills for the holistic development of the learners as per their age. This activity is also found for the learners and is very useful. This type of activity helps the educators to keep the learners busy and engrossed in their day to day academic activity so as to keep the learners engaged in those activities.

Through this skill learners learn how to do the writing, coloring, taking care of the themselves and also learn other skills like how to hold pencil and colors properly. Watching the child makes it obvious that the development of their mind comes though their movements.

Play time is precious. Play builds brain pathways for thinking, creativity, ability, impact and images other lifelong skills. Children learn as they play most importantly in plays children learn how to learn. Children need the freedom and time to play is not a luxury play is a necessary.

Thus motor skills not only help the children to learn certain important movements of the body but also play an integral part in the overall development of the children.

"Play is the highest form of research"
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