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"multimedia studio"

A great deal of research exists in the use of multimedia communication in online classroom as a means of furthering learners’ engagement. In a constantly changing society, values also begin to change and as the values changed, the ancient Gurukul practice broke down and with time, the practice of education also underwent a radical change. Because of the current situation today we have entered the world of new technology and Internet out of the traditional education system.

Online education is being Imparted through mobile, laptop and computer. School’s today is becoming more modern where students used to sit and study under the shade of trees and have been replaced by A.C classrooms. The location of the blackboard on the wall today is the green board and the LED screen of the computer has taken. There is no doubt that today’s education is based on science and technology and educators and learners must be prepared for it.

Developmentally appropriate use of technology can help young children grow and learn, especially when families and early educators play an active role. Early learners can use technology to explore new words make believe and actively engage in fun and challenging activities.

As per the today's situation Gajera Vidyabhavan school set up a multimedia studio. With this digital technology online education is become easier and more interesting. The trust has always been at the forefront of providing all facilities in the field of education to the children who believe in the quality education.

Multimedia combines 5 basic types of media into the learning environment text video, sound graphics and animation thus providing a powerful new tool for education The Gajara trust always believes in quality education the trust has installed multimedia studio with Mic, high resolution camera, green screen, lighting system, sophisticated tablet, latest configuration in the studio. Even the learners can record their skill base videos in the studio. Video lecture material is easier for learners so that their grasping and understanding the subject clearly.

Mr. Darshak Sir who is taking care of the studio and also solve the queries of all the educators related to the studio. Parents gave good review about the recording studio. Learners are enjoying and also learn through the video. With this studio the concept of the subject was very clear to the learners as well as to the parents.

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