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Music is Fun...

" Music is a world within it self with a language we all understand."

Children are naturally attracted to music, it also has educational value it makes one joyful and release stress. We cannot imagine a world without music it touches each and every sentiment of our lives. Music is an internal part of the pre-school program we educators here use the power of music to enhance learning in our kids early years of learning and growing.

This attempt develop confidence, independent, enthusiasm, appreciation and tolerance among children and educators both. Music helps a Learner to learn to listen ,expand concentration, auditory discrimination, improve clarity in speech and develop language.

It ignites all the areas of a learners development and skills for school readiness including intellectual, social emotional and motor, language and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sound and meaning of words.

Music! it can do so many things to children, it can inspire children, it can cause children to recall strong feelings our memories, and it can change their emotional state with just a few notes. music can do all these things, to all different types of people. Song and dance are for everyone, and I think we as a species can agree on one thing : music matters. it matters to us as adults, but it matters more in the development of young children.

Music has Universe appeals. it appeals to man, animals, birds and beasts in Greek mythology, there is a story of Orpheus or river would stop flowing to listen to his sweet music while beasts flocked around him. Trees move from their places and come to listen to his divine music. In Hindu scriptures Lord Krishna had a flute through which he could charm one and all. Even the wild Tarzan in influence by music.

Music appears to the heart through years. it can make us laugh or cry at will, Nobel music purifies our emotion and makes our heart pure. It entertains us and gives peace to our mind.

Benefits of playing instruments -

You'll be smarter

One of the best reason to learn to play music is to increase your cognitive ability. playing music is a way to stimulate the brain in a way that helps with memory retention and also help you to learn new things.

Playing an instrument relieves stress.

It is a well-known fact that music makes you feel calm and relaxed. Music is something that has a very good unique effect on your blood pressure as well as heart rate and reduce them to make us feel more relaxed and happy.

It builds child's confidence

If a child suffer from a lack of confidence in his everyday life he or she can also use the process of sitting in front of others and playing music to build up his or her confidence.

Improve memory

If children always feel like they have a memory like a sieve, it might be a good idea to stimulate their brain by learning to play a musical instrument. Learning how to play music involves learning a lot of new things and being able to remember when nots and chords are, and how to read.

It makes learning creative

One of the biggest thing that can be benefit in learner's life is more creativity. Creativity is something that is fun to express, and if they enjoy trying new things learning a musical instrument can really help with this.

Few people opinion that music is equally important as other academic subjects. Gajera preschool wholeheartedly agreed and applied music as a part of the curriculum as if the music is introduced as a subject in early age, children can learn to stay calm and become more optimistic individuals in a later stage of their life.

Introducing music at the preschool level improves the learning skill of the Learners , they develop more love and affection towards the school and thus joyfully enjoy the teaching learning journey of their lives.

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