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In today’s world, we get every information on our fingertips. People can get all the knowledge and ideas from various platforms of social media and by visiting various internet sites. The information is generally available in written form but nowadays because of the development in the technology, we can get information, ideas and many more such things in written as well as in video form or live also and this all only can be possible because of the development in the broadcasting system. The National Broadcasting Day aims to remind Indian citizen about the impact of radio on our lives as radio plays very pivotal role previously.

Akashvani or All India Radio (AIR) is India’s homegrown national radio broadcasting service which reaches millions of homes across the nation. Air is a division of Prasar Bharati which is run by government nowadays but along with it many ultra modern radio stations named “Radio Mirchi” have also started at every metropolitan cities in India.

For making more aware and update students and society, we here at Shree H.J.Gajera English Medium Primary School, Katargam celebrated National Broadcasting day by organizing “NEWS READING COMPETIOTION” with full of informative way where the learners of class 5,6 and 7 were participated in that. All the learners came in well dress code as per their role and character. All the English Educators have nicely prepared learners and encouraged them for their better performance.

The two Educators, Miss Bijal Chavda and Mr. Rahul Gamit have judged the participants performance and given first, second and third rank from the divisions of class 5th ,6th and 7th. Accroding to their judgment, From class 5th Desai Dharm Ketabhai (5-B), Kalathiya Kaiya Dhirajbhai (5-B) and Paladiya Vashishta Amrishbhai (5-C), whereas from class 6th Chavda Bhavya Ashishkumar (6-A), Patel Dhruvi Jayeshbhai (6-B), and Dhanani Dhyani Sandipbhai (6-D), while from class 7th Dholakiya Dhyana Hiteshkumar (7-B), Kalathiya Dharmi Sanjaybhai (7-C) and Desai Gargi Kedarbhai (7-G) secured first, second and third rank respectively.

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