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National Chartered Accountants Day

CA DAY 2023

Chartered Accountants Day is a significant occasion in India, celebrated annually to recognize and appreciate the vital role that chartered accountants play in the country’s financial landscape. The theme for Chartered Accountants Day India 2023 is “Empowering Financial Excellence.”

Behind every successful business, there is a dedicated and meticulous chartered accountant. Celebrating this day serves as a reminder of the importance of their work in driving economic growth and maintaining financial stability.

A seminar by Mr. Aziz Shaikh was organized for the students of Class 11 & 12 Commerce.

The main vision of this seminar was to inculcate awareness about the Foundation courses about CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT and how one can enroll into this course.

Through this seminar, the participating students got the detail description about CA course. 300 students participated and were guided by the speaker.

This seminar was very useful for students for selecting CA for their career growth.

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