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"National Doctors Day"

Doctors on earth are like Gods in heaven. A special day is observed to thank them for their humane services to mankind. Every year July 1st is 'Doctors Day' which is very special for every medical practitioner. First Doctors Day was celebrated in 1991.

Every doctor of any specialization acknowledges the entire medical profession. Seeing their work and contribution during this pandemic inspire the young aspiring mind to be in this noble profession.

The educator plays a very important in teaching learners about the different helpers that we come across through our life and one of which is 'doctor'.

Doctors perform humanitarian work in society. Their contribution to human health is beyond comparison as doctors not only save lives, they also make a difference by helping patients alleviate pain, recover from a disease quicker and help improve the quality of life of a patient.

  • Can we add some value to the job of a doctor?

The obvious answer is ' yes ‘. The very first thing that we can do is to start caring for our own. In this COVID-19 pandemic, one should never ignore the mask as it could be the life savior.

These are listed below:

• Importance of washing hands is another major factor.

• One of the most important is to take the vaccine. In our school Gajera Vidyabhavan, we teach learners the importance of vaccines through webinars.

Our school Gajera Vidyabhavan has organized a webinar by Dr. Prashant Kariya (pediatrician). In the webinar, he has given much useful advice regarding COVID-19 in the webinar. He also gives advice on improving a kid’s immune system.

•To make this day a special moment we have also organized a play for kids that makes them do and add some value in their lives.

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