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National Doctors Day 2023

"Only a Doctor is blessed with the magical powers to treat life, to bring health into our lives and to be there with us when we have lost all the hope.”

Right from curing complex ailments to assessing fitness statistics on a daily basis, doctors are lifesavers for all people. They sacrifice their personal life and follow tough schedules to ultimately make patients as their priority. Working round-the-clock shifts and putting their own health in danger, this day gives a perfect opportunity to salute their work.

The doctors talked on the present challenges faced by the doctors in the medical field and about the opportunities in their profession.

The doctors imparted their tips for healthier and positive lifestyle, stress-free living and diet plans and making best of the living. Children actively participated in this program and thanked all the medical practitioners who are working tirelessly for humanity. Finally, thank you, doctors, for being always supportive and caring.

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