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The National Mathematics Day is commemorated on 22nd December every year to honor the contribution of the genius Mathematician Shreenivas Ramanujan as he was born on this day in the year 1887. Some of his notable contributions are Ramanujan`s Master Theorem, Number theory and infinity series.

We at Shree H. J. Gajera English Medium School celebrate the National Mathematics Day every year and this year was no different. This year we decided to celebrate it with a difference, since children were back to school after a long break of around two years on account of pandemic. So, all the mathematics educators from grade 1 to 7 collaborated to organize various activities for our learners to participate. The grade one learners were made to learn addition and subtractions using Flash Cards of vibrant colors. The idea was to make their learning easy, fun and interesting and the team of educators successfully did so as the learners were happy. Similarly the pupils of grade 2 performed all 4 mathematical operations using Flash Cards. Not only they enjoyed the activity but also learnt the concepts of multiplication and division. The tutties of grade 3 made Warli paintings on paper so that they can get clear idea of geometrical shapes. For the learners of Grade 4, we organized a Meow game where they learnt tables with more fun than ever before. The fifth grade learners generally face difficulties in factorizing a number so for them we had organized Christmas tree with factors. The primary motto behind this was to solve the difficulties of the learners using the activity as a mode. Learners a grade higher played tic-tac-toe but using glass where they blew the glass and make it to reach the point where they had to place their mark without touching the glass. This taught them patience and improved their accuracy. For the most senior grade 7 learners we decided a wheel activity to make their most difficult topic the most interesting one, which is laws of exponents with the help of this live model.

After participating in these activities, the learners firstly started enjoying mathematics instead of taking it as a difficult subject and most of their common doubts were eliminated by the end of the celebration. In addition to this they were not under any pressure while solving their own doubts on their own without any help. After this celebration most of them understood that mathematics is a subject which we all utilize right from the beginning to the very end of our day and unknowingly it has become the most integral part of our day to day life.

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