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National Mathematics day was organized in all classes of standard 1st to 7th of Shree H. J. Gajera English Medium Primary School, Katargam on 22 Dec 2014 to commemorate the birthday of Shri Srinivasa Ramanujan, the great mathematical genius who made exemplary contribution to Mathematics. December 22 was designated as National Mathematics Day (NMD) by Government of India in 1987. Since then this day is celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm. The Mathematics day was celebrated with objective of creating awareness about importance of mathematics in day to day life situation and also to create students interest in studying the Mathematics. As a part of the celebrations Mathematical Fun Puzzles was organized for Std- 1st to 4th while the upper primary learners made TLM (Teaching Learning Materials) for explaining topics of mathematics allotted to them by their mathematics Educator during the class. This engaging activity was enjoyed by the participants as well as the educators. Becoming an educator for explaining a topic in front of class with a TLM prepared by themselves made the learners quite confident. Our respected Principal Mr. Asish Debnath also graced the occasion and encouraged the students to participate in such activities in future as well. Our learners are always promoted to do so for the following reasons like eradicating phobia and fear against Mathematics among children and adults, making Mathematics field as attractive career to young children, producing top quality Mathematicians and make the country proud and inspiring Mathematicians to take up high end research in the field of Mathematics. The main aim of the celebration was to awaken the interest and temperament towards the subject some fun activities proving that learning mathematics is good for one’s brain and it helps everyone in dealing with their finances, time and many more daily aspects in life.

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