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News Reading Competition

In this competitive world, self confidence is one of the key pillars for the success of every learner. And most of them get anxious when it comes to public speaking or facing a camera and if both challenges come together, it creates a deadly combination for them. So, we at Shree H.J. Gajera English Medium School, Primary Section organized a News Reading Competition on 19th January, 2022, because a news anchor faces this challenge every day.

The prime objective behind this was to eliminate stage fear and camera shyness from our students and boost their confidence so that they do not feel afraid of public speaking and camera. Also, they were required to have some basic understanding related to anchoring. So, the grade we chose was 5th to 7th. The news anchoring is a formal task. So, we had designed some guidelines for them which covered various aspects ranging from body language and expression to a systematic methodology of reading any news.

Students tried their level best to showcase their skills and increase their potential in both the rounds of the competition which were held online. The students were so excited and their response was so overwhelming that it was not possible to organize the competition among everyone. So we had a preliminary round for filtering the best out of the best for the final round and this filtration was done by the jury. Then we conducted the final competition between those who were selected after the prelim. Each and every participant understood how to be confident while facing a camera. They also got an idea about how to perform anchoring and what are the difficulties one faces while anchoring. Also, they improved themselves as anchors and proved a saying of a great motivational speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra that public speaking is not a talent but a skill and every skill can be acquired if you are ready to do hard work and learn new things and have new experiences.

Judgement is a crucial and one of the most difficult tasks of any competition. It is so because participants focus on their own preparations while it is the judges who chose the best among this pool of talented learners. The judges for the final round were Ms. Twinkle Patel and Mr. Rahul Gamit our English educators who devoted us their time, and listened to each of the contestant with great patience and then disclosed their verdict. We heartily congratulate all the participants because we believe each participant is a winner in himself or herself as they showed guts to participate and compete against each other. And more importantly they improved themselves from what they were before this competition because one`s competitor is one`s own self a day before. Vote of thanks was delivered by our Principal Sir Mr. Asish Debnath at the end of the session. The entire competition was hosted by Ms. Yashvi Pachchigar and managed by Mrs. Sadhna Desai coordinator of grade 7 under the guidance of our esteemed Principal Mr. Asish Debnath.

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