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November P.E.M

A educators should inspire a child to reach academic success, A parent should inspire their child to use that success in a way that influences "positive change in the world".

Learning is a complex phenomenon. A learners faces difficulties in learning. The holistic development of a child depends upon the hard work of students, parents and educators. These three stakeholders integrated efforts give the best learning outcomes.

Parents educators meeting covers the distance among three stakeholders. PEM opens a communication channel. A parent is a partner. Active participation of a parent brings massive change in a kid's academic performance.

Parent educator meeting is an opportunity to exchange observations of a child with each other. Sharing daily experience and observation provide a wider prospect for parents and educator to plan, prepare and execute plans for a better learning outcome for a child. PEM is a junction to meet the needs of a learners.

Great opportunity for parent and educators to develop a healthy and strong relationship for the holistic development of a child, this platform helps parents and educators to develop and build a strong relationship to understand and determine the need of a child.

Great opportunity to open two ways of communication for the welfare of the learners. Two ways communication has great value for the property development of a child. Parents, as well as educators as their efforts on a common platform for the welfare of a parent, works at home on the feedback and observation said by the educators at school.

Great platform for an educator to know a learners weakest and strongest areas from parents observation Parent and educators identify weak areas and try hard to improve those points. It is not a platform to make it just or complain against each other. Our prime concern is to shape a child into an integrated personality. PEM provides this big opportunity to work for the learners.

‌ In this November month PEM parents have submitted Diwali assignments to their respective educators. They discussed with the educators about the next assessment. Educators also gave information about next year admission process and updates of our GEMS Application.

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