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"On the first day of school "

" Waking your kids by after a break is almost as much fun as birthing them was"

The first day of school is absolutely one of the most important days of the year. It's the day that set the tone of the learner's classroom for the entire year. Every educator wants to have a smoothly running classroom.

There is consistent evidence to show only positive school experiences are important for the learners social and emotional wellbeing and academic achievement. In contrast, children who experience a bumpy start to school are more likely to continue to experience difficulties throughout their school life.

On the first day of school is important for the learners to remember the memories for the whole year. If the beginning of the year is exciting, they feel that the year is going to be incredible. The educators celebrated the first day in such a manner that the learners will learn their academic syllabus with play and fun way.

Gajera Vidhyabhavan School celebrate the first day of school to show them the entrance of the school. Welcome the learners with a welcome song and dance. Explain the theme of the whole year which is based on nature and fit&fun. After a long time, children seen school's PlayStation & the garden area. Introduction of all the educators as well as Principle and VP. Even a small introduction of our watchman uncle and to the peon who is the helping hand of the school.

A big surprise was still waiting for them that our educator has made a kitchen garden which is useful for medical aid and for their breakfast use. Gave a small homework to the learners to plant a small plant and take care of it and for that our educator is going to take a follow-up.

In this pandemic situation, our educators have started activity-based learning (Virtually). So learners will enjoy their study with fun at their home. With these, we will start our new academic with the blessing of God and their creatures.

"Play, Learn, grow to Gather."

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