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Importance of Arts and Craft in School Curriculum

Arts and craft as a subject in the school curriculum are typically taken for granted as a must for children and young kids in the formal education setup.

There is no doubt that arts and crafts are fun activities for kids. Be it coloring with crayons or making miniature statues from clay, folding paper to create fine origami or designing a handmade birthday card, there are several arts and crafts activities, which can enhance the interest of the children and exploit their artistic potential.

"Being Creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life."

By introducing arts and crafts to the kids and involving them in such activities in schools, you will invest in building their cognitive, physical, and social development.

Benefits of arts and crafts found in the GAJERA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL are:-

Physical Benefits

• Development of fine motor skills

Since most arts and crafts activities consist of moving fingers and hands, they help in developing fine motor skills.

• Enhances dexterity

Arts and crafts activities can enhance the children’s dexterity and agility. With the enhancement of fine motor skills and much practice, learners manual dexterity, artistic skills, and speed will also increase.

• Improvement of hand-eye coordination

Engaging in activities related to arts and

crafts from a very young age leads to a tremendous improvement in hand-eye coordination.

• Enhances self-expression

By engaging in creative pursuits of music and arts and crafts, learners get the opportunity of expressing themselves in a positive, tangible and meaningful way. They also learn to create artwork on their own.

• Helps in socializing

Participating, with other students in art class, gives children a chance to interact with others while sharing common interests.

• Boosts confidence

Arts and craft activities help instill a sense of achievement and pride in children, boosting their self-confidence.

Cognitive Benefits

• Enhances creativity

• Sharpens skills of decision making

• Enhances memory and visual learning

"Art is a Nature as Sunshine and a Vital as Nourishment"
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