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"P.E.M and Prize Distribution Ceremony"

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

"Connecting home and school makes us a great community of learning!"

A positive parent-child relationship provides the framework and support for a child to develop a healthy, respect and regard for self and others. Parents educator meeting is an event celebrating the learning and growth of kinder gajerians.

The union of the teacher's feedback and parents concern can immensely help a child's educational journey. Based on the feedback received from the teacher, parents can children in doing activities that are beneficial for them help them come out of a cocoon.

Monthly Assessment reports were shared with parents so that they can follow the child's progress at school, understand their child strengths and challenges and plan how they can help extend the learning. we have also displayed a creative Play way method of assessment setup made by our educators to make the parents aware of the methods of assessment that can test their child. As learners do not forget their activities and learning objects our campus is providing assignment so, that in the vacation period the learners make a practice of reading, writing and activities.

After the parent's educators meeting our Prize distribution ceremony of Maker's Day event 2021 is started.

Sunita's Makerspace team appreciate all winners who deserve to be achievers by showing their hidden talents.

To find out the talent and interest of a child our trust has organized a competition on Sunita's makerspace levels in which there are so many categories where the learners can show their talent and explore their thoughts.

Gajera trust is one such example. Learners here are allowed to not only perform in academics but in here are our campuses we have organised competition on mother nature themes like Clay moulding, Nature melody, The art of fashion, Trash to treasure, Junior eco startup and Green art. Here the program was started with the welcome of the guest. After that "Deep Pragtya" ceremony was done by the principal ma'am as well as the parents.

Our little learners heartily welcomed the guests and parents with their welcome and motivational dance. After that our little winners of the competition did an amazing ramp walk. Then after learners are awarded 1st,2nd and 3rd prizes.

At the end of the program, our principal ma'am and vice principal ma'am felicitated our guests and also gave thank you speech.

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