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Orientation Program for Grade-I Parents

An orientation programme was held for parents of Shree H. J. Gajera English Primary School Grade -1 children on 8th and 9th June, 2022 to familiarize them with their child’s school, changes in the assessment pattern, examination pattern and the new report card system. The programme was presided over by the Principal Mr. Asish Debnath and our educator Mrs. Priti Patel, who in their gracious manner extended a warm welcome to the parents and as customary practice showed them the slides that depict the rich legacy of Shree H. J. Gajera English Medium Primary School.

Afterwards, Priti ma’am gave information about what is first grade, introduced the classs as well as subject educators of first grade, their curriculum and subjects, arrival and dismissal time, examination and evaluation system, school club and activities, students competitions, parents teacher partnership, parents competitions and school communication system “GEMS APP”, You tube channel, Facebook page, etc.

Then she gave information about our most important and wonderful place of Sunita Maker' Space and its importance.

On the whole the orientation programme was a great success from the point of view of maintaining the idea of transparency between the school and the most valued people, the parents of our learners, ensuring them of the best practices adopted for their children’s holistic development and well being under the auspices of Shree H. J. Gajera English Medium School.

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