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Over The Rainbow……Farewell Party

Kids are precious gems. They are the gift of God. They are innocent, mischievous, and studious. Each and every kid is special in his or her own way. As garden is beautiful with the fragrance and beauty of its different kinds of flowers, so a place, school, and park come to life with the laughter and playing of kids. School is the second home of the kids and the kids are the heartbeat of the school. We get so attached to kids that we feel very hard to part away from them and to bid farewell to them.

Gajera School echoed with the blessings in the morning with the farewell party of Sr.Kg toddlers to wish them a great future. The place was beautifully decorated but the waves of emotions were clinging everywhere.

The function started with beautiful PRAYER to stabilize a beautiful essence in the atmosphere. Principal addressed the learners with motivational speech wherein they were asked to carry the values wherever they go. Followed by a surprise dance item that showcased the fun of school life.

Educators shared their experiences acknowledging having such a nice batch of the learners and also motivated them to study hard and secure a bright future. Learners too from each division expressed their gratitude towards their beloved teachers. This created an emotional environment.

Then the ceremony came to an end with the touching speech of the Vice Principal expecting the success of the students in each and every sphere of life and appreciating efforts made by educators.

Learners were given refreshment at the end of the program which was relished along with their friends. Lastly students enjoyed group dance.

The day was a memorable one both for the outgoing batch and for the educators. There was a lot of emotion and nostalgia as learners took photographs around the majestic school building where they had spent their days.

The function ended with wishes of Good Luck shared by all the teachers.

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