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"Parents & Educators working together create a strong foundation for student success"

At the start of each new school year, parents are invited to a Parent Educator Meeting. It provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to establish a strong partnership and work together to ensure the holistic development of the child. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the person their child is going to be spending a large portion of their time with, not to mention all the formative educational and social input this person will provide. But at least discussed regarding their child's ability. Educators also like to learn about students from their parents. No one knows their child better than them. They can help the educator by talking about what their child likes to do and learning needs that their child may have.

Gajera School is in constant pursuit to adapt to the change and make learning fun , effective and engaging during classes for little learners. To share the feedback of the LEARNERS and to lay the foundation of harmonious relationship with their parents, the school had organized Parent Educator Meeting on 1st July 2023.

During the PTM, parents get a chance to meet their child's teachers and learn about their teaching methodologies, curriculum, and classroom environment. Likewise, teachers can gain valuable information about the child's home environment, interests, and learning styles from the parents. This exchange of information helps build a stronger foundation for collaboration between home and school.

The main objective of the meeting was to create a common platform, where educators and parents came together to discuss learners performance and devise ways to enrich their learning experience. The event witnessed most attendance thus displaying enthusiastic interest among parents for the smooth working and progress of the school.

Thus meeting ended with the positive vibes to create better understanding between parents and teachers and build harmonious relationship between the school and the community. In short Parent- Educator partnership that works together for the benefit of every children. Overall, meetings are important to provide a forum for educators, staff, and administrators to exchange ideas, discuss and make important decisions to move the school forward.

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