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"P.E.M with Free Play Games"

"Together May We Give Our Children The Roots to Grow
And The Wings To Fly”

Parent Educator Meeting is an opportunity to exchange observation of a child with each other. Sharing daily experience and observation provide a wider prospect for parent and an educator to plan, prepare and execute planning for better learning outcomes of a child.


It makes the school environment safer.

It can prevent behavioral and academic problems.

It can ease a Educator’s workload.

It helps build a positive relationship.

Keeping this in our mind our school arranged the PEM for the learners' development. In that, the educators had shown the Monthly Progress of the Assessment and also discussed events of the upcoming month.

Games had been organized for the learners and parents in which they took part enthusiastically.

It was a great opportunity for parent and an educator to develop a healthy and strong relationship.

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