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Every year 12th July is celebrated as Paper Bag Day which aims to spread awareness among people about the benefit of using paper bags instead of plastic. Paper bag is renewable, recyclable, reusable, and compostable. Plastic bags are everywhere but they pose significant threat to our beloved Mother Earth. They not only take hundreds of years to decompose, causing long-term damage to our eco systems.

However, there is a strong growing movement to stop uses of plastic bags and promote eco-friendly alternatives which helps in cutting down toxic waste. There are several alternatives available in the market like paper bags, reusable cotton bags, mesh bags etc.

Paper Bag Day aims for a plastic-free world and to encourage sustainable solutions. The theme for 2023 is “If you’re ‘fantastic’, do something ‘dramatic’ To Cut the ‘Plastic’, Use ‘Paper Bags’.”

A Paper bag making competition was organized for the students of classes from VIII & IX. This competition was improvised with a view of environmental concerns regarding use and disposal of plastic bags.

Students manifested their creativity and artistic skills by making beautiful eco-friendly paper bags with the help of recycled or waste material and decorating them vibrantly. Making beautiful paper bags in different shapes and sizes proved to be a simple yet intriguing activity. All the bags were collectively looking amazing. The fun-filled activity inspired young Gajerians to contribute to the Mother Nature by using paper bags and saying no to plastic bags.

The mentors enjoyed judging the competition as the activity was done with a lot of exuberance and effort. The Principal applauded the stupendous efforts of all the participants.

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