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Parent Educator Meeting

Coming Together Is A Beginning,
Keeping Together Is Progress,
Working Together Is Success.

Here the year ended with last PEM with the ray of achievement, happiness and success. The end goal, after all, is the betterment of the learners. This is where the importance of Parent Educator Meeting lies. Final PEM for the Academic Year 2021-2022 was organized in which Report Cards were given to parents.

As the learners are going to climb up one step ahead ,many points related to how the learner can manage his/her time effectively and can ensure steady learning, were also discussed. Parents were advised to motivate the learner to practice continuous writing in vacation as well, to make sure that the he/she does not lose touch of writing. Parents were encouraged and appreciated their support throughout the year.

Few parents acknowledged their gratitude towards educators and the management for their remarkable efforts to reach out the learners and facilitate them with online and offline classes. They also appreciated the opportunities of the various activities and competitions that their ward gets to participate in, even during pandemic time.

The PEM was conducted smoothly. It was a medley of emotions as learners and educators are going to be apart but not their values.

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