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Patriotic Song Singing Competition

Music binds our soul, heart and emotions. Music is the best method of relaxation. It cheers the spirit and lightens the heart. Music is beneficial in the life of our children as it not only develops their aesthetic sense but also the key to creativity.

Since the Republic Day of India is approaching in the coming week, our school Shree H.J. Gajera English Medium School, Primary Section conducted Patriotic Song Singing Competition for the learners of class 1st and 2nd. On 18th January, 2023, the learners participated in the competition with full enthusiasm. They sang the songs according to the theme. They prepared themselves well for the competition since this was the final round. The preliminary round was conducted on 16th January. Learners were eager to show their talent in front of the audience. The judges were mesmerized by their performance and faced dilemma in giving the ranks to these tiny tots for their amazing performances. Still the judges finally announced the results based on their judgment criteria with a lot of thinking. It was an amazing day. With each song the audience too joined the participants which showed their love for the song as well as for the nation.

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