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"River Day Celebration"

"Rivers are one of the best gifts of nature." We must strive to keep them clean and preserve them for our existence and also for the future generation.

World rivers day takes place on September 26. It highlights the many values of rivers and tries to increase public awareness and the importance of all of the waterways around the globe.

For centuries, rivers have played an important place in human life. Rivers are the arteries of a country. Men, plants and animals cannot live without water. Water is the basis of all life.

The plants and animals surrounding the river and canyon would not try and BS beautiful as they are if our rivers were polluted. This day is celebrated to ensure that these important bodies of water have collaborated as they should be. Rivers are the healthy freshwater environment that supplies water for drinking, growing crops manufacturing, energy and transport. Rivers are vital for people and wildlife.

Rivers form an integral part of the environment. However rapid urbanization, industrialization and an increasing human population have caused tremendous damage to rivers. Also, there are many communities whose survival livelihood depend on the river.

Rivers provide us with fresh drinking water it is one of the biggest sources of water. There are various civilizations formed around rivers.

Rivers are also a source of energy. Hydroelectric plants are built in rivers for the creation of electricity. Various dams are also created for harnessing electricity.

It is not only important for human beings but also serves a great purpose to the animals and trees, various aquatic animals breathe in rivers, various plants also grow in the rivers. They form a part of the ecosystem which is most important to n tane the balance in the food chain.

Rivers are the water bodies with which we have the closest relationship. It is very important to keep a good bonding as it can show so it's fierce face and destroy everything.

Rivers are very helpful to agriculture. Rivers are the sources of the wonderful irrigation system which has turned deserts into productive farms.

Rivers are important highways. They provide the cheapest means of transport.

Here at our campus, we have celebrated "River Day". Educated played a short drama on the river. Through this drama, learners came to know the importance of the river and the conservation of the river. Educators also gave the message to save the water and so do not waste the water. Also, explain that how to keep clean the river water and do not wash the clothes and cattle near the river side. If we take care of it make our future bright.

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