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The Environment Day is celebrated on 5th of June every year with great fervor and enthusiasm. The objective of this program is to spread awareness among people about saving our environment from various types of pollution and to plant more and more trees to make our MOTHER EARTH full of greenery. It is a day that reminds everyone on the planet to get involved in environment friendly activities.

Keeping this aim in view we celebrated this day. Learners prepared slogans to protect our Mother Earth. Educators taught them to plant a sapling to create a green corner and explained about the condition of our environment today are and why we need to be aware. They also informed what steps we should take immediately so that we can make our environment healthy. In the end learners took a promise from that they will not pollute the environment and will not allow anyone to do so.

A lot of enthusiasm was seen in the learners. The event was conducted successfully with whole hearted participation and awareness about plants.

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