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"Save The Tiger, Save The Nation Pride"

The Global Tiger Day is dedicated to the beautiful big cat, i.e. the tiger. Tiger is an important species in the animal kingdom. They are majestic species and revered in various cultures. They are also an endangered species. The number of tigers is consistently declining due to

poaching, hunting and illegal trading as well as loss of habitat. Raising awareness for the same International Tiger Day was celebrated in our school campus. The Educators shared the significance of this special day and gave information about the ‘Save Tigers’ by taking concrete steps to protect India‘s national animal from extinction.

With spectacular Rhymes showcasing the pitiful life of a tiger and other inspiring performances, the educators encouraged the audience. The learners were made aware about the need to protect the natural habitat of tigers and to spread awareness about the conservation of tigers.

Their Survival is in our hands” So inculcate the same thought from the base, Tiger Mask Making Competition had been organized for Learners wherein they made different masks using paper plate with creativity.

Overall, Learners acknowledged that tigers have a special place on the planet and in our lives and we must do all that we can to protect them.

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