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Schools after COVID-19: From a teaching culture to a learning culture

Before COVID-19 disrupted our lives and forced our kids to open their laptops and learn from home, the first day of school was a rite of passage — the start of a life-determining journey that has broadly followed the same shape and rhythm for generations.

Students of Class 6 and 7 were given a rousing welcome, with all Covid safety protocols put in place, some ten months after educational institutions were forced to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our school is following all COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of students and teachers.

"We are doing thermal checks of everyone before they are entering the school premises. We are providing masks to students who don't have one. We are also making sure that students sanitise their hands regularly and maintain social distancing in school premises.

Although schools have reopened, attendance is not compulsory and students have the option to choose between online and offline mode of education.

If they are coming for offline classes, they have to bring the consent of their parents and we will ensure they follow all social distancing norms.

Students who attended the schools on the first day after reopening were excited to meet their educators and friends after nine months, and said they were struggling to get their doubts cleared in online classes.

Though there studies were going on but there were multiple hurdles in getting all doubts cleared. Sometimes there were network issues.

"In online classes, one can't have the same level of seriousness and discipline in studies that can be maintained in the school. Students were thrilled to be back in school.

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