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Should Parents be the decision-maker for the child's future

Over-imposition can end up crippling your child's growth and skill-set training in terms of independent decision-making. Remaining too aloof on the other hand takes away an important resource bank and support system from the child in the crucial process of development and self-realization. Therefore, a parent's role is to guide and assist their child to make sure the child can achieve his/her maximum potential.

The decision regarding the direction in which that potential is employed should be left to the children alone. Also, there is no short route alternative to amassing practical hands-on experience. Children need to get used to the bright edge and the flip side of decisions they make and they must be made to learn to fall, get up, dust themselves off and continue moving ahead with perseverance and self-confidence. Summing up, I would say that parents should, without a doubt, help their children see their strengths and weaknesses and consequently, help them refine and broaden the base for deciding on their career choices but they should allow their young ones to take their own independent stand as far as the finality of these choices are concerned

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