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Story telling Competition for Grade I to IV

Competitions and Celebrations are an important and integral part for the school Co-curricular section as it can provides ample of opportunities to bring out actual skill and talent a child posses. Along with the academic progress skill development equally important in that respect every organization conduct many activities and competitions throughout the year. Activities and competitions fill up confidence, enthusiasm and awareness in the child’s mind.

Today, we here at Shree H.J.Gajera English Medium School, Primary Section, Katargam branch has organized Story Telling Competition on 28thJune,2022 for the learners of class 1 to 4. All participants were enthusiastically participated.

They have dressed according to their character. Total 40 students have participated while rest of their classmates have given them encouragement by clapping and cheering them up.

Storytelling plays a critical part in your preschooler’s overall development. Whether it is as simple as talking about your childhood or sharing a funny story about your day, storytelling offers several advantages to children. Parents these days turn to the convenience offered by technology to send their children to sleep. Well, let’s admit it. It’s really easy for kids to fall asleep after watching a video or their favourite cartoons. These things may be considered a simple pleasure of childhood but nothing compares to the beauty of storytelling to the child by their parents or grandparents.

The list of the winner is following who secured rank.


1st Roy shailesh Puthawala(1-D)

2nd Kakadiya Kritika Kalpesh (1-F)

3rd Lad Vishwa Alpeshkumar (1-E)


1st Solanki Aaniya Hemendra (2-B)

2nd Mangroliya Tirth Pareshbhai(2-E)

3rd Ghadiya Driti Punitbhai (2-A)


1st Parvadiya Aarushi Vikasbhai (3C)

2nd Kalathiya Namra Sanjaybhai (3-A)

3rd Limbani Varni Pravinbhai (3-A)


1st Padmani Rudra Shaileshbhai (4-D)

2nd Salodiya Darsh Sureshbhai (4-B)

3rd Patel Aayush Vijaybhai (4-C)

Thus, storytelling increase not only confident in a child but there are other areas also which can be improved through such type competitions like it instills virtues, boost their listening skills, foster child’s imagination skill and enhancing child’s imagination skill and so on.

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