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"Storytelling is the game it's what we all do"

Stories play an important role in children's development stories also help children to learn emotion and language. Storytelling is the oldest form of teaching it bonded the early human communities giving children the answers to the biggest question of creation life and Afterlife.

Not every human culture in the world is illiterate but every single culture tells stories. Children have an innate love of stories create magic and a Sense of Wonder in the world. Stories Teach about Life lesson storytelling is a unique way for students to develop understanding respect and appreciation for other cultures and can promote a positive attitude from different louds races and religions.

Storytelling can be used to quickly raise while developing skills knowledge and confidence stories is that children grow in academic learning. Storytelling introduced a lot of new vocabulary to children. People communicate with a Limited number of words but stories will have an academic level vocabulary and a lot of new words for the kids to learn. It is easy to teach the meaning of the words as kids learn faster from the concept of the story increase the memory capacity of children by the story.

Poetry is near to vital truth from history.

Poetry recitation is very important for children as it is a beautiful and effective beach facilitate and Kids to Express. The poem makes you feel a line and bring you close to life prot your passion and vocal expression. It gives immense happiness and satisfaction poetry and enhances the phonemic Awareness of a child. Children reciting rhythmic poems understand pitch tone and the volume of sound. The poem recitation helps to develop memorization skills. Learners also learn to pick up, patterns, and sequence in poem recitation it helps them to learn new languages as well poetry provides a relaxed and pleasing way to practice language skills. It also helps in the physical development of a child. It helps in promoting coordination tone and mouth movements with the help of the rhyme.


1. Promote a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

2. Encourage active participation.

3. Encourage the use of imagination and creativity.

4. Encourage cooperation between learners.

5. Enhance listening skills.

6. Increase children's willingness to communicate thoughts and feelings.

7. Increase verbal proficiency.

8. Most there listening skills.

9. Foster their imagination.

10. Help to sharpen memory.

11. Impaired Social Skill.

For all these purposes is a poetry recitation and storytelling competition was held for the children in Gajera Vidyabhavan. Nursery junior KG senior kg in which the learners show their outstanding talent and perform the song the poetry and the story in a beautiful way with the costume, as well as the number, is given by the judge was encouraging.

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